Counselling – $60-$160 per session (can be negotiated with Centrelink Payments & waver form will be given)
Groups – varies (speak to the team leaders)
Community services (varies depending on the group or services provided)
Disclaimer we don’t accept NDIS funding or Public Trustee (speak to worker)

Bookings are now required for counselling and services
New bookings (new clients & services) 2-week notice
Current bookings (current Clients) 1-week notice

Cancelation fees
We now have a cancelation fee also of $40 this also effects if you do not cancel your appointment within 24hrs notice.

Intake and assessment area
Before we allocate you a team we now do intake and assessment to see where you need to be placed and will have your first session free then will assess you from that first meeting with you.

These are the services we currently have available through hopeful directions:


  • Counselling (By appointment only)
  • Groups (All kind of groups)
  • Therapy Sessions
  • In Home Support
  • Guidance
  • Youth Work
  • Child Protection Matters
  • Family Matters
  • Disability Matters

Information packs can be made available by calling the office during our opening hours

All service are free consultations excluding the groups

Please Note: Counselling is by appointment only as we currently have only 2 professional counsellors are available at different days / times times.

All services are made available through an assessment process, except the groups which are available to all people

There is also a free first consultation in which you will have your first assessment done which determine where you start your journey with us

You will be given an information package in the first session with all the Hopeful Directions details in it and the support or caseworker will be working with you while you are accessing our services. Costings for these services will also be assessed by our staff at the first consultation.

For further information contact our administration team on mobile: 0479 150 630(Mon-Fri 9am- 5pm)
or Email: