My name is Jodie Biddle. I am happily married to an amazing guy Jade who has accepted me and my two children from my pervious relationship which I am happy with. I have a disability but I don’t let that take me down I strive to help people. I am passionate about my life and what I have achieved I am a mother to 3 daughters 2 which have disabilities themselves I am a survivor of Domestic violence.

My hobbies are spending time with my husband and children, watching my favorite TV shows (Home and Away, Wentworth and Supernatural). I also love movies and have favourite actors (Chris Hemsworth, Paul Walker, Mark Wahlberg Channing Tatum). I also love animals dolphins cats dogs rabbits guinea pigs.

In my spare time I help with my sister who has MS and my nephew who has a heart condition

I love to play music, write it, and poetry. I play the piano guitar sing. Most of all I am a dreamer a fighter a winner as all through my life I have been let down by society and I have got back up and dusted myself off and moved on. I am a warrior a fighter and survivor being told that at age 10 I should have died and when I was born there were complications with my birth.

Mostly I would like to say I love my family my close friends and God.