1) What are we about and who are we?

Hopeful directions Is about community and the support and love that our staff have as a team and workers we are dedicated to the community and provide all types of services including counselling fundraisers community events social groups

2) What hopeful Directions does

We as a team provide services to the community by setting up groups and outings also counselling services that we have. We are also working at fundraisers for Networking and getting known In the community and getting our name out into the community

3) Who am I & our team

Our owner has come from a background of Domestic Violence also false and misleading people but has got up brushed down and solider on as selfless person our team consists of our Manager and CEO Jodie Biddle Assistant Manager Jade Biddle and our caseworker Alan Mills.

4) History on Hopeful Directions

Hopeful Directions was a dream and then it became a Reality when Jodie approached the Salisbury Council earlier this year and was looking for places to hold her groups and then she sent an email out to all the community centres the people who responded with her email that was sent out to all the community centres then she was looking at the best centre with both capacity and also room spaces and hence the Salisbury East Community Centre was the place where the groups for Hopeful Directions and that is where the groups have been since early this year. When we started our groups at the Salisbury East neighbourhood centre.

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