Hopeful Directions Covid Rules

These rules are to be complied by all staff and clients when attending or accessing services or groups by Hopeful Directions Services and are complied to our services by The Sa Health and Australian Government.

DUE TO THE CURRENT MASK WEARING PLEASE SEE YOUR STATE IF IN AUSTRALIA QR CODES are still in use in our offices Rules are as follows:

1) All staff, Clients, Participants must use QR code when entering any of the buildings with Hopeful Directions if not at our offices, then the QR for place at (Also comply with the rules of the place)

2) If you are self-isolating or are isolating, please inform your worker or if you are staff, please inform management and work from home

3) If you have cold or flu like symptoms, please don’t attend groups or services if you have an appointment please call to arrange online or phone console (if you are a staff member work from home)

4) If you have tested positive to covid and have attended our services, please contacted our manager and informed them so we can trace your time with us

5) If you have been to any of the current hotspots in your area or state, please inform us before coming in

6) If you are or are not vaccinated, please let us know as we have special areas for those who are not vaccinated