Breakthrough Services (associated with Hopeful Directions)

Breakthrough services is an associated service which is run by one of the staff who are

Working with Hopeful Directions. This service is a Christian organization in which they are teaching the word of God, currently they have three groups under their services at present which is a bible study group that meets at Home currently being held weekly on Monday Nights where they share the word of God and praise and worship Like a small church but not really a church as per se.

The other two parts that are working through Breakthrough services are an Online & SMS prayer chain for those who are requesting prayer or the things that the leaders feel need prayer over and they are kept and sent out by the head leader of the services this service is kept strictly confidential and nothing that is private or personal is sent unless otherwise told by the person who Is requesting the prayer.

They also have another group that is also held every 3 weeks with the leader Alan and co-leader Jodie which both run the group that are being held at a venue with supporting a small business in Adelaide.

Breakthrough services has a mission statement that they use in which they are working with

Galatians 6: 1-10as well as well as the other scripture of Ecc 4: 7-12these are the scriptures

We also have other ideas that we are working on for these services, but we are associated with Hopeful Directions