Who are we and what do we stand for?

Hopeful Directions is a non-profit organization which works with people who are dealing with broken families or children who are in foster care also children and adults who are dealing with life daily with a disability we also work in an area which is close to our owner’s heart Domestic violence and homelessness.

Also, recently we have started a new area of Hopeful Directions called Hopeful Directions Youth services this has been launched both here in South Australia and in NSW. With our dedicated team in NSW.

our team and staff are all under the guidance of the following things LOVE KINDNESS FRIENDSHIP and are all under these and live their life to the fullest by these things we have in our services and support teams.

This is the legacy left behind by owner Jodie Biddle grandmother and her memory will live on through Hopeful Directions.

Vision of Hopeful Directions

The vision we have for Hopeful Directions is that no one is left behind or left alone even in the hardest of times they won’t be left alone they will have a hand to help them there is an old saying “I’m giving you and Hand up not a hand down” that is our vison for hopeful directions and the vision is to help as many people who are from or dealing with broken families or dealing with children in foster care who have a disability who are dealing with or trying to run from domestic violence who don’t know where there next meal will come from that is what I see our services doing helping those who are in need and leaving a great legacy in there life and some kindness

Mission Statement for hopeful Directions

There is an old saying I have lived by whenever you meet someone leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go this has been the legacy that I want to see written on our staff room door and our homes that we have I have a plaque that has that saying on it but that is my mission statement for hopeful directions.