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This is an updated statement for the Adelaide Office Of Hopeful Directions and the recent outbreak of the small cluster of Covid19 in the City Of Adelaide we have decided to close the Groups down until Further Notice. And our services will be strictly only by appointment only for the next two weeks if you have an appointment or would like an appointment please go to our online booking section at our website and book in with our team at the Adelaide Office we are still having face to face contact however they are being asked to follow our covid19 business plan and will be asking the covid19 questions to you to cover themselves from the cluster of contracting covid19 and spreading it. So please accept that this is the best way we can keep our staff safe at this difficult time and we ask that you comply with the guidelines of the staff if they contact you and ask the questions.

As we are all in this dilemma together we thank you for supporting Hopeful Directions and bless your ongoing support with our services

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