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with this COVID19(CORONAVIRUS) we here at HOPEFULDIRECTIONS are trying to work through the limits that have been put in place by the Australian government while the CORONAVIRUS(COVID19) is around. Although this has been having a serious impact on our services and our groups please don’t be alarmed as Hopeful Directions is still working however with limitations to our services while this dilemma is hanging around for how long we don’t know but bear in mind we are still holding our services and groups however we are limiting all the services and face to face appointments to a minimum and they are also being done online as well if you can get online for them. However, if you are unable to we can make a special appointment for you to see one of the staff or team members that are working with Hopeful Directions. With our groups they are now limited to spaces and are currently needing to be booked in now as we have limited them down as we cannot go over 100 and can go below 25 people. As I will be putting into category the changes for the time being under the new Australian Government Rules for the groups and services they are all effected but in different ways as some of the groups will be live streamed or recorded and posted to either our Facebook page or our website.


Here are the rules which will apply while the COVID19(CORONAVIRUS) is around these rules have been made to comply with the current Australian Government rules around social Gatherings and Capacity and space usage in public places

  1. Regular attendees will have already been given priority
  2. Online bookings and phone bookings are to be used now
  3. Limited spaces available for all groups
  4. If you have booked but become unwell inform Hopeful Directions ASAP
  5. If you have been inContact with someone who is in self-isolation or isolation don’t book
  6. If you have travelled outside of Australia or been in contact with some one who is unwell don’t book

These rules will apply until further notice and if we exceed the available numbers then we will inform you and we will book you into another session for this group and will be informing you of the decision which has to be made.


In complying with the guidance of the Australian Government around this time of hardship we have decided that Hopeful Directions will be postponing all face to face contact until further notice unless otherwise informed by Management or staff of Hopeful Directions all physical meetings with staff or Clients can still go ahead however we have been advised by the SA Health to keep a 2-4 meter distance and not to have any kind of handshaking or sharing of items which is going to be hard as we will now have to disinfect areas where we are working or meeting we now have a dedicated team who will be working around the clock to answer all messages that come to us via online services which is being done through our Facebook page and online via our new skype account dedicated to Hopeful Directions and we are also during this time setting up new hours for services online and have also dedicated sometime on Saturdays from 10am-3pm for online meetings and appointments

Lets keep together in this hard times

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