Wow what a month it has been for hopeful directions, firstly we would like to welcome to our team and staff the new members and hope they enjoy working with hopeful directions we also started back our groups and have started venturing into new ideas for groups. And events we are also working closely with the staff and teams as we start our new area up more details for that to come.

And the new clients we have taken onboard with our services and the new and upcoming ideas that are coming out soon also the new structure of the team and the staff and the volunteers who are helping us through this new build that we are going through and the structure that 2020 has for us not only as a business but as a team and the adventures are just starting As we have events coming up that we will be put on here


Wow who would have thought that my on paper dream of being a non-profit business would span this far and become what it is today best of all the support from the one person who has been with my dream as a university assignment to what is has become and to have one person who heard me talk about it and not see it develop. But is a legacy to this dream my grandma Fay mills who will always live on in the dream of Hopeful Directions and the two bad experiences that I Have had to come from broken down little person with the shattered dreams of this being lost to the rebirth of the business and now to be thriving the way it is I can’t believe how far its come in the little time that we have been open and I have been doing this all off my own back wow the story I first wrote and read to people is now history as the pages are turning and the pages are being written the story is neverending and will be my legacy in years to come when I look back at this and go WOW where did this come from

But most of all the people I must thank are the following people Jade biddle who has been by my side in the ups and downs of this My children and family

Most of all the two people who have left legacy to me:
Roy brown & Fay my grandma

Be Sure to check out https://www.hopefuldirections.com on a regular basis!

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