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Well everyone, this will be our final update for 2019 as we are closing the services and offices for 2019 on Monday 16th December 2019 and will be returning to the office 13th January 2020, groups will commence all groups end of January beginning of February 2020.

For this update being this is the last one for this year we will be acknowledging people and staff who have been working hard for Hopeful Directions this year and continue to work with us as outstanding people and workers. So, they will be recognised for the hard work that they have been doing for the services and time they have been working with us here at hopeful directions.

On another note the groups have been a success with new people asking about the groups and attending on number of occasions to the crafting creativity group and Breakthrough Prayer Group that has only joined us later in 2019 but has been welcomed under the umbrella of Hopeful Directions.

The attendance to those groups have grown since we advertised it through our local radio station PBA FM 89.7 which allowed us and welcome us on two of there shows TKT (THE KITCHEN TABLE) then another show of theirs RAWS (recording on our site under PBA FM ) we also acknowledge and thank the main people from PBA FM who have been working and continue to work with us Sherina Witton Joanne Baker And Phil also our new friend Jarrod French who we met at the PBA FM open day and has been an amazing person to meet and invite to our team as well.

Also talking about the PBA FM open day which is attached to our website we also met a young lady by the name of Jess who suffers from Depression & Anxiety and has been showing her feelings through music, so she has come on board with us also.

We have also now got the information packs for new clients and people who want to get on board with hopeful directions so that is amazing.

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