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Wow what a month it has been for hopeful directions, and we are into November 2019 already wow so this month is already 7 days gone and we have got our plans for November 2019 and December 2019 which our staff and management are planning for the end of the year and also we have been setting up new events for the services of Hopeful Directions also the groups which are going well and are growing big we are now looking at next year of other areas we can set up groups in for the services as well as working on the capacity of a possible new office for the services in Adelaide’s northern suburbs to help with the over flow of people who are coming through the services.

Our groups are getting more bigger we will have some photos being done soon to add to the website also our Facebook page is growing in views everyday which is amazing, and we are doing a great job there. As well as all the work that goes on behind the scenes that no one notices but there are people supporting us and working with us who are not seen but are there helping.

A program was launched late October for people who are dealing with children who are in foster care and are thinking they are the only ones who are dealing with it as this is a confidential group not much can be said but we have it on approval to share about the group but this one is only via our services so to be a part of this group we ask that you follow the contact details about this on our website and make an appointment for our manager to meet with you if you want to be involved or even be apart of the group please follow the contact details as this is a group which we cant inform on our website as we are covered under the Privacy & Confidently laws


Remember to keep checking back to Hopeful Directions regularly for more updates!

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