Wow what a month it has been for hopeful directions, firstly we have finally got slowly on our feet and have been working with our team ongoing to get back to where we were after the fraud that put us into limbo land and crippled us for a while and after trying to rebuild the reputation after the way that it was taken away from what we were doing for the services we have now got our groups working again and also have been employing a lot of time and resources into the business we will have all the details on our website we also have rebuilt our social media accounts and also have changed our logo which was very sad to see the old one go but the new one is lining up with the way that we are going with Hopeful Directions and the community side of this organisation.

Just a note to all those who have been with us through this hard time we here at hopeful Directions say thank you for your ongoing support and help when we have almost wanted to give up and just throw in the towel and end the whole organisation but mostly the people we would like to acknowledge are the following people

Reggae Mon

Jade Biddle

with these people by the side of Jodie Especially Jade Biddle she would have lost her focus and given up he has been a leaning post when Jodie has needed it

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